The Best Platforms to Use to Build Your Restaurant’s Website

The main goal of any business' website is to give potential and current customers a place to get the information they need about your brand. But restaurants are hardly just "any" business, so it only makes sense that their websites need to accomplish much more than that

Your restaurant's website can be a business listing, a menu, a reservation book, a delivery dispatcher... and on, and on. And, don’t forget, it needs to be optimized for mobile. Over 90% of customers browse for dining options using their phones, so every part of your online program should be just as user friendly via a phone as it is a desktop or laptop.

But don't you worry (about this, at least!) There are a veritable bushel of software options you can use to build out a professional looking, easy-to-maintain digital space for your restaurant, you can use a variety of software options, very much including the ones below.

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Protip: Some of these platforms have built-in ecommerce platforms, which is something to consider if part of your restaurant's business plan includes merch and other non-perishable sales as a potential revenue stream!

Restaurant-Forward Platforms

  • BentoBox: This site enables a great dining and operator user experience, and is used by some of the most famous operators (think: Gramercy Tavern and ATLA) as well as family-owned operators. From the front-end to back-end, this saves time and provides a great view of an operation with data.

  • Sociavore: From easy set-up, to online ordering, social media integration and easy integration with other third parties, this platform was designed by restaurateurs for restaurateurs.

Platforms for On-the-Go Operators

  • Flavor Plate: This platform's M.O. is to make website-building easily accessible to on-the-go operators who need to edit from their phones on-the-fly from any device, be it a computer, iPad, or cellphone. Note, though, that is Flavor Plate is not enabled for online ordering.

The Most Simple Restaurant Platforms to Use

  • GloriaFood: Heralded for being economical and efficient, GloriaFood allows designers to create a one-page website that also includes online ordering and reservations!

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Of course, if you're looking for website platforms that aren't tailored specifically to restaurants... well, those exist too!

Best Platforms for Ecommerce

  • Weebly: Powered by its parent company (the payment platform Square), Weebly’s ecommerce platform offers a range of payment options while offering operators aesthetically pleasing, funciontal sites that are easy to build with its drag-and-drop customization.

The Most Popular Platforms for Any Website

  • Squarespace: This site is as popular with small makers and freelancers as it is with publishers like Contently. It provides beautiful templates and delivers a great experience for guests and enhances your operation with eCommerce functionality, automatically connecting with OpenTable, and integrating with other services, and has built-in SEO. It also connects with your POS. This is all well and good, but if you don’t have a tone of web building experience you might need some help to navigate SquareSpace’s many features.

  • Wix: This website building platform is great for beginners or more experienced designers who also care about a high-design experience. Plus, Wix has great support if you run into any problems.

Choose the right website platform for your restaurant and you’ll be well on your way to building a strong online presence. Onward... to being online!

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