Best Inventory & Recipe Technology for Restaurants

by Back of House Staff

Updated August 7th, 2023

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Time is money, so having the right time-saving systems in place for your restaurant can mean greater profits for your business. For a restaurant to run smoothly, you need to manage your inventory needs, as well as store and share recipes. The right technology can help you do it all (and do more) in less time.

Based on our findings, here are the best technology options to consider for your inventory management needs.

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MarginEdge Logo

Best all-in-one system

Manage your food costs and automate back office operations all in one place. Automate tedious processes, connect systems, and streamline key activities like inventory, bill paying, and ordering. Simplify your business with real-time insights.
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Who it’s best for

Restaurants who want a premium management solution with high-end inventory data and recipe organization features.

Things to consider

The platform is not ideal for restaurants with under $1 million in annual revenue given the monthly price tag. For those who can afford MarginEdge, there is a amount of effort that goes into the onboarding process, but our experts have seen it save an average of 8 hours per week in back office administrative tasks. 

Note: MarginEdge has set pricing per month per location. 

Where it excels

The information provided by this platform helps restaurants make better decisions, using real-time costing data and menu insights. What truly sets MarginEdge apart, however, is its invoice capture. It harnesses the expertise of real people with restaurant industry backgrounds to look at the invoices scanned in by operators to convert them into line items of data that match with their ingredients from an inventory and recipe standpoint.

Feature overview

  • Submit and process invoices within 24-48 hours and sync them directly with your accounting system

  • Get daily profit insights, real-time budget visualization, and daily P&Ls with 60+ POS system integration options

  • Streamline your inventory process and analyze your food usage with automatic product price updates, customizable count sheets, and theoretical food usage reporting

  • Create a centralized solution for recipe management that calculates plate costs, auto-updates ingredient prices, and provides a single shared playbook across multiple locations

  • Order products from any vendor through the software, and transfer products and recipes between locations 


MarginEdge provides unlimited email support and assistance from a dedicated customer service team. They also have a comprehensive Resource Library that includes videos and blog articles to help you better understand the platform.


$10/day for each location when paid annually (a 10% discount from the monthly option). No setup fees or contracts to sign.

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Best embedded accounting feature

Restaurant365 is an accounting, bookkeeping, and budgeting software for restaurants. With lots of integrations, inventory management, and  payroll tools, it's a great tool for controlling food costs and optimizing labor.
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Who it’s best for

Enterprise-level restaurants, including franchises and multi-unit operators looking to merge their accounting and operational tools to one comprehensive platform.

Things to consider

Although it has the potential to handle lots of tasks and operations all in one place, it remains much more expensive than other options, especially since the add-ons are not included in the base cost. While it can be more rigid to setup (because it’s an accounting system – as opposed to MarginEdge being just a data cube), this same rigidity can be helpful for larger groups to track their costs. 

Note: Restaurant 365 is an accounting system first, which means operators must commit to using it as a bookkeeping service.

Where it excels

Restaurant365 is an all-in-one restaurant management software for accounting and store operations, but primarily functions as a standalone accounting system. They promote themselves as the “industry’s only Restaurant Enterprise Management platform” and promise seamless integration with your POS, banks, vendors, and more.

Feature overview

  • Drive growth with POS integration, AP automation, and real-time reporting

  • Improve operational profit margins and drive sales with scheduling and inventory insights 

  • Modernize your workforce solution for hiring, payroll, benefits, and labor cost analyses

  • Gain real-time insights, data visualization, benchmarking, and collaborative reports with easy-to-use data dashboards


Access a variety of customer service functions including chat and phone support. Join a community of experts and peers using their resources, including their blog, dedicated guides, and webinars.


  • Business: Ideal for restaurants with up to 50 locations. Standard packages include accounting and operations features, with the ability to add on workforce and data intelligence features. Both options are billed quarterly.

    • Essential $435/month, per location 

    • Professional $635/month, per location 

  • Enterprise: Invest in a built-to-fit solution for enterprise organizations that come equipped with accounting, operations, workforce, and data intelligence features. Add-ons are available for enhanced intelligence, billing and reporting, and commissary features.

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MarketMan Logo 2

Best platform with flexible pricing

MarketMan offers a complete cloud-based restaurant management system to simplify order management, eliminate waste, and jump-start profitability. It also provides operators with the ability to compare products across vendors.
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Who it’s best for

Great for multi-units and chains looking for tiered pricing options. Added bonus for those already using Lightspeed POS who want flexibility with an inventory integration. 

Things to consider

While MarketMan offers food cost management tools, its reporting cannot handle labor management. There is also a charge for each invoice processed, which can limit operators with high volume of invoices.

Where it excels

MarketMan offers a complete cloud-based Restaurant Management System to simplify order management, eliminate waste, and jump-start profitability. It also provides operators with the ability to compare products across vendors. 

Feature overview

  • Streamline procurement, delivery, and restaurant accounting with cloud-based inventory management

  • Automate accounts payable and easily scan invoices

  • Identify ways to reduce food cost with a complete breakdown for each item on your menu

  • Make better decisions more quickly with advanced analytics based on sales, expenses, purchasing, and menu reporting


Support is included in the software subscription, giving you access to real, U.S.-based employees via phone, email, and web 24/7.


  • Operator $179/month 

    • Placing and receiving purchase orders

    • Inventory counting and transfers

    • Accounts payable management

    • POS & accounting software Integrations

    • COGs and purchasing reporting

    • 20 invoice scans per month

  • Professional $249/month 

    • Includes everything in Operator plan, plus:

    • Supplier order automation and approvals

    • Inventory waste tracking

    • Recipe costing and digital cookbook

    • Advanced profitability reporting

    • Actual vs. theoretical reporting

    • API access

    • 100 invoice scans per month

  • Ultimate $399/month 

    • Includes everything in Professional plan, plus:

    • 2 included vendor integrations

    • 300 invoice scans per month

  • Add-ons

    • $50 for every 50 invoice scans 

    • $25/month per vendor integration 

    • $50/month per location for a commissary module

  • Note: Monthly plans are charged a one-time $500 setup fee

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Best budget option

Manage your food costs and automate back office operations all in one place. Automates tedious processes, connects systems and streamlines key activities like inventory, bill paying and ordering. Simplify your business with real-time insights.
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Who it’s best for

SMBs that are operating on small budgets and legacy POS systems.

Things to consider 

Their starter package is free (yes, free!) and does have some common POS integrations. If you’re looking for real-time data or labor insights, you’ll have to pay for this platform.

Where it excels

Avero helps restaurants on a budget streamline operations for better demand forecasting, simple food cost management, and optimized menu performance.

Feature overview

  • Monitor real-time performance on any web-enabled device

  • Use historical data to help predict what will sell and when to control costs

  • Easily mix and match POS systems without losing functionality or data

  • Help kitchen staff prep and set up their kitchen line based on recent sales trends

  • Compare the performance of multiple locations with a single login

  • Analyze every menu item to gauge popularity and maximize profits


You can submit a request by opening a ticket through their customer service portal on their website, which promises to “resolve your issue as quickly as possible.”



Who it’s best for



Best for any size F&B operator looking to get started quickly. Save time on repetitive tasks, improve communication with your team, and get insights that drive sales and profitability.



Best for restaurants (QSR, FSR), bars and smaller groups. Empower your operators to make great decisions. Reveal server, cashier, and bartender performance and labor spend.



Best for hotels, casinos, nightlife and larger groups. With the right insights, the sky’s the limit. Empower your team to find the next idea to optimize your operations at scale.


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Bonus: meez


Best for recipe management

Meez is a recipe tool that centralizes the development process, making menus easier to execute. It has a universally accessible and editable recipe format and is built for accurate food costing, quicker team training, and recipe organization.
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Who it’s best for

Chefs looking to dial-in their recipes and training, or multi-units in need of a solution to scaling and standardizing recipes across locations.

Things to consider 

meez is a simple, powerful recipe tool to create/scale/document recipes, but it lacks comprehensive features like POS/accounting or real inventory integrations.

Where it excels

This all-in-one recipe tool allows you to easily create and test new recipes, cost and scale recipes, and register allergen information. Additionally, it can import recipes from other documents or by taking a photo of handwritten recipes.

Feature overview

  • Quickly cost recipes and determine optimal sale price using 2500+ system ingredients with yield, prep loss, and unit of measurement equivalencies built in

  • Update costs in real-time by connecting invoices to products 

  • Maintain consistency by turning recipes into digital training materials with photos, videos, and documents 

  • Develop, organize and distribute content from one place

  • Easily scale recipes by using individual ingredient quantity as the scaling factor

  • Create a restaurant database the team can access anywhere, and notify staff on recipe changes automatically by sending real-time recipe updates 

  • Standardize your culinary IP by organizing and categorizing recipes 


In addition to customer support that can be submitted via a contact form on their website, meez also has a comprehensive Help Center so you can troubleshoot as issues arise.



Who it’s best for



Food & beverage pros that want to store their personal recipes, or single-person businesses who don’t need costing features quite yet


Business (Single contributor)

For single-location businesses who need to manage recipes and basic costing


Business (Premium)

Multi-contributor businesses who want to automate their costing, see nutrition analysis, or need access to other advanced functionality


Business (Premium Plus)

Multi-contributor businesses who want continuous support with their costing and nutrition audits, or more in-depth consultative services from meez experts


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Bonus: Provi

Provi Logo

Best for beverage management

Provi is a beverage inventory tool where you can shop, discover, order, and pay from one marketplace. Search through distributor portfolios, find accurate pricing and brand details, and submit orders directly to your sales reps.
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Who it’s best for

Restaurants looking for an efficient (and free!) way to manage their beverage inventory.  

Where it excels

Provi is a single marketplace where you can search through a reliable database of over 750,000 product portfolios to find accurate pricing and brand details and submit orders directly to sales reps.

Feature overview

  • Search a database of over 750,000 products and 1,400 distributor profiles–complete with robust search filters, pricing, and product details

  • Manage ordering across multiple distributors and chat with assigned reps directly through the platform

  • Order beverages online, view your online ordering history, and easily reorder from multiple distributors with the press of a button


Contact the Provi team via the form on their website, or search for what you need in their Help Center, where you can also submit a ticket to their customer service team.


Free! Yes, it’s really free to use (and also incredibly efficient).

Visit Provi Website

Our evaluation process

We’ve developed a process to find the best inventory and recipe management systems for restaurants to keep things running smoothly. Here’s how we did it.

Surveys and other research with people in the industry

We conducted surveys and gathered feedback from operators and employees across different service models and segments with experience using these systems on a day-to-day basis.

Interviews with Back of House restaurant tech experts

We also gained insights from our staff of experts who have years of experience in the industry and with restaurant technology. 

Secondary research

All of this was supplemented with our own research and participation in product overviews and training sessions with vendors on their products and services.