5 Things Your Restaurants Should Sell Online

The modern restaurant guest lives in a digital world. In fact, 77% of diners are looking at a restaurant’s website before even stepping in the door.

With so many guests online, expanding your restaurant’s e-commerce offerings not only meets your customers where they are, but it provides new opportunities for revenue. Here are five ways you should consider incorporating e-commerce into your restaurant’s online strategy.

Gift cards

Selling gift cards in a brick and mortar is second nature to most restaurants, which makes it an ideal way to start your e-commerce journey. Not only are gift cards a popular purchase around holidays, but a study conducted by the National Restaurant Association shares that diners are likely to spend 35% more on their check when using a gift card.

Restaurant merchandise and specialty goods

Restaurants are becoming full-on lifestyle brands that diners want to take home with them. Whether it’s BBQ sauce, house-blended coffee, or a comfy T with your restaurant’s logo, selling your merch online gives your restaurant a bigger reach. Goods can be purchased from anywhere, and you essentially have a store that is open 24/7--regardless of your brick and mortar hours. And don’t worry, if you need some tips on how to start selling branded merch, type: entry-hyperlink id: 6l8xBFf0g19d8936nDs6FC:

Tickets to private events

Beyond the usual experiences of cooking classes or wine tastings, selling tickets online can give restaurants a considerable advantage with prix fixe menus and holiday-related events. It allows diners to reserve their spot and better prepares your kitchen for the service ahead. Easy your planning and think about adding tickets to your e-commerce the next time you have a fixed menu for Valentine’s dinner or Mother’s Day brunch.


Yes, we know this one is obvious, but worth mentioning. Offering takeout and delivery is a lifeline for restaurants, even/especially in the most uncertain of times. Making sure your restaurant is set up with online ordering options widens your net and provides an opportunity to connect with your local diners, even when they can’t dine in.


Accounting for 11% of restaurant revenue in 2017, off-premise catering has continued to grow year over year. Consumers are already used to ordering takeout and delivery online. Doing the same with your catering options is a natural next step. Plus, online catering means selling larger format, bigger-ticket items to your diners.

[Photo: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels]