A Guide to Support & Maintenance Solutions for Restaurants

Support and maintenance solutions ensure that your restaurant’s equipment is in reliable and working order, a vital task for any establishment. A single issue with a piece of equipment — be that a conked-out freezer, a faulty fryer, or a POS system on the blink — can 86 a restaurant’s entire operations. A strong support and maintenance partner saves the day well ahead of any disasters, catching problems before they occur. Operators rely on support and maintenance solutions to help track the lifespan of their equipment, to monitor its working condition, and to schedule routine upkeep.

The best ways to practice support and maintenance for restaurants

  • Educate staff on maintenance procedures: No matter how sophisticated your tech, your staff needs to be trained on best practices to keep your equipment running and to recognize when it’s failing. Create an easily accessible digital checklist to remind staff when it’s time to inspect equipment for safety compliance. Keeping meticulous records for your equipment also ensures you’re always prepared when health inspectors pop by.

  • Perform preventive maintenance: There’s a reason deep cleans are a thing. Performing ongoing maintenance on ovens, fryers, range hoods, AC filters, refrigerators, tap lines, and prep stations ensures they stay working and keep you in business.

  • Keep those warranties handy: Expensive kitchen equipment typically comes with decent warranties. Maybe they won’t cover everything, but keep those babies handy just in case. Keeping up with your paperwork could save you thousands in parts or repairs, or get your equipment replaced entirely.

How can you provide support and maintenance for restaurants?

A lot of support and maintenance for restaurants is accomplished by good ol’ fashioned elbow grease. But naturally tech can help. Example softwares include Checki, an all-encompassing monitoring system that tracks restaurant equipment safety and maintenance. Once you upload your local compliance regulations, the system meets them by sending automated alerts and providing detailed analytics on a dashboard. Or check out Navitas, which provides online reporting for your fridge and freezer systems by using a wireless temperature probe.

[Photo by Elevate on Unsplash]