The best restaurant business podcasts to listen to right now

One of the great media revolutions of the last two decades has been the dawn of the podcast. In that time, according to market-research firm Podcast Insights, some 1,000,000 shows with over 30 million episodes have sprung up tackling every topic from true crime to dental hacks (an apparently/terrifyingly real subject.)

So it should come as no surprise that there are lots of podcasts about the restaurant business out there for the downloading. But which ones are worth your precious time? If want to stay on top of your F&B game, these are the restaurant business podcasts to tune into.

Podcasts about restaurant marketing & operation

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Hosted by Jenny Goodman and Alex McCrery, the founders of New York City's Tilit supply company, this Heritage Radio Networks pod is popular for its candid interview style, in which chefs and restaurateurs share business wisdom on what it takes to bring a restaurant from concept to creation.


Tommy Yionoulis and Erik Tversland host OrderUp, a restaurant industry podcast that looks at running food service businesses through interviews and current events. This show digs into the nitty gritty shop talk that might not thrill the average listener but is catnip for F&Bers.

Restaurant Unstoppable

Want to know how other restauratuers adapt, give back, or improve their restaurant’s reputaiton? Then give a listen to interview podcast Restaurant Impossible. Host Eric Cacciatore (A+ name, sir) talks to restaurant leaders about the most important topics facing the industry and gets first person perspectives on how to navigate everything from recruitment methods to new technologies.

Secret Sauce

If you’re looking for restaurant marketing strategies, insights, or how-tos, download the Secret Sauce. This short and sweet podcast (episodes run about 30 minutes) gives straightforward tips often in listicle form, for instance “10 Ideas to help you improve profitibilityas you reopen your restaurant after COVID-19.

Podcasts about working in restaurants


Sometimes you just want to hear a podcast that can find the humor in the hard work of running a restaurant. That’s where Lindsay Collins’ EffinB Radio podcast comes in. Collins, who moonlights in improv, can find the funny in most anything as illustrated by most recent episode topics including “why restaurant folks feel the need to over-do it when it comes to ‘hospitality’” and “how wearing masks in restaurants forces people to smell their own breath.”

Restaurant Tales

Need a place to commiserate on all things restaurant-related? Restaurant Tales is here for you. It can go high with discussions on restaurant unionizations or low with talks about artisan shaved ice.

Podcasts for restaurant industry news and chatter

Eater’s Digest

Food media can be exhausting to follow so why not skip the headlines and catch up via audio with Eater’s Digest. The weekly podcast from is hosted by Amanda Kludt, Eater’s editor-in-chief, and producer Daniel Geneen and tackles the biggest news stories in the food world giving valuable need-to-know insight into topics like delivery app mergers, childcare for restaurant employees, and why spiked seltzer is having a moment.

The Speakeasy

The bar gets its due in this podcast from hosts Damon Boelte and Sother Teague, two venerable publicans with wisdom to burn and stories to tell. The topics on barowners' minds are on their minds too, be it bartender education or the pros and cons of hazard pay.

Photo: Tommy Lopez from Pexels