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Back of House provides practical guidance on how to set up, launch, and run a Ghost Kitchen.

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Spencer Michiel

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Turning An Event Space Into A Ghost Kitchen

Timeout Plus Sports Bar, a successful bar and grill in Cocoa, FL, has an event space attached to the restaurant, which they wanted to utilize for a ghost kitchen venture. Anticipating the needs of the Ghost Kitchen beforehand, the owner also needed more guidance around dealing with third-party delivery apps, and selecting a suitable POS system capable of handling delivery app orders and printing them directly to the kitchen.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Launching a Ghost Kitchen

After an initial call with the Timeout team, Spencer put together an extensive research report that included actionable next steps on what to consider, and how to plan before launching their ghost kitchen. The report also included valuable insights and recommendations regarding the integration of third-party delivery apps and selection of a compatible POS system which would support additional orders from the Ghost Kitchen.


Making Tech Upgrades Before Launching

With a roadmap in place thanks to Spencer and Back of House, the Timeout team started to feel more confident about their plan to turn their empty space into a ghost kitchen. Upon Spencer's recommendation, they switched over to Toast, which is a more comprehensive POS system than they previously had in place since it had the ability to directly integrate third party delivery apps offering them a more seamless operational experience once the Ghost Kitchen is up and running.

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