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Yelp Guest Manager, helps restaurants manage all of their front-of-house operations across the entire dining experience through one fully integrated solution. LIMITED TIME: Visit the website, schedule, and complete a demo to receive a $100 gift card. -->

Available in: USA


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Key Functions

  1. Waitlist and reservations management
  2. Table management
  3. Online brand building
  4. Kiosk enablement

Key features

  • Use reservations and waitlist features.
  • Use Kiosk at your host stand to handle 50% of FOH busywork
  • Reach 3x more people with Yelp Advertising.

Our Perspective

In partnership with Expedite

How can Yelp help your restaurant?

Founded in 2004, and located in San Francisco, Yelp is a major player in the restaurant review space, having grown its footprint as a free marketing tool for small businesses that collects and shares reviews from customers. More recently, it’s also introduced reservation and delivery services, a POS tool that allows operators to manage a waitlist, and a way to communicate with guests via texts, and more.

Yelp for Restaurant's product, Yelp Guest Manager, helps restaurants manage all of their front-of-house operations across the entire dining experience through one fully integrated solution —bringing together Yelp Waitlist, Reservations, Kiosk, Takeout, Table Management, online brand building and more into one suite of offerings. Yelp Guest Manager combines Yelp’s high-intent diner network with powerful solutions that simplify and streamline restaurant operations from takeout and delivery orders to dine-in seating.





23 Reviews

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Christina S.

Yelp Keeps Improving - Enjoy Yelp Reservations!


I've been relying on Yelp since they first began. I frequently check Yelp on my desktop, laptop, and I have the app on my phone. Yelp has really stepped up it's game and I appreciate that Yelp really filters reviews and gives the use a trusting experience and recommendation be it for restaurants, take out, cleaning services, medical, people, shops, the list goes on! Yelp Reservations has taken Yelp to the next level because it offers users an easier way to make a reservation - you can easily see what times are available, how long the wait is, and instantly send a reservation request to the restaurant without having to call. What a great additional service that Yelp Reservations had added to Yelp! I have no complaints. Yelp is very user friendly and has made reviews and dining experiences less hectic and overall easier for everyone!



Gina Mangiono

Very reliable


I always find there are two things to consider when choosing a vendor or partner: 1. Product enhancement and development. Yelp has really taken to adapting to our current state of affairs with the pandemic. They’ve made platform enhancements that make it easier for businesses to communicate with their customers or potential customers. 2. Customer service. It’s so important to have a reliable person to communicate and work with during the relationship. Yelp has provided me with an incredible representative that I’m quite happy with! Thank you!



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