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Voice ordering platform for restaurants

The basics:

Founded in 2018, BensenAI helps restaurant brands sell more product by harnessing voice recognition tools. According to the platform, guests who order by voice order 2.5x more often than the average customer. The software integrates with restaurants' preexisting ordering systems, brand positioning, and loyalty programs, allowing customers to order seamlessly with the provided voice recognition features. Bensen specifically targets quick-service restaurants with drive-thrus, and offers quick sign up and simple menu customization tools.

From the BOH TipJar:

Bensen’s solution can be deployed across many channels, including phone, Google Assistant, Alexa, and a restaurant's native app. With this amount of versality, it's easy to meet customers where they are and make it easier for them to order while increasing your own profit and entering into the growing industry of voice ordering.

In their own words:

Your employees’ time is valuable. Now you don’t have to miss orders when they’re too busy to answer the phone. Bensen’s AI-powered software can take orders for you on the phone, on voice assistants like Alexa, by text, and more, improving allocation of labor and recovering sales from missed calls.