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Analytics and insights platform for hotels, restaurants, more

The basics:

In 1997, while working as the CFO of an NYC restaurant group, Avero founder Damian Mogavero was frustrated with his management team’s inability to answer basic questions about the restaurants’ performance. He founded Avero to create a better way to extract data already being collected by the point-of-sale system and to enable operators to use it to make better, faster, and more profitable decisions. The platform's SaaS products now empower restaurant managers across the world to make data-based decisions on costs, promotions, operations, and more across the front- and back-of-house.

From the BOH Tip Jar:

As Avero notes, "Using a digital logbook rather than a physical pen and paper can change things for the better." Folks performing managerial tasks at any restaurant will understand — the logbook is an essential tool in keeping a restaurant operating smoothly, but the paper version can get lost or destroyed. The digital logbook is just one feature that Avero offers, but its smooth integration with the other managerial tools within the platform means it'll beat a paper logbook convenience-wise every time.

In their own words:

Avero understands restaurant operations. Our hospitality-focused solutions are built by operators for operators, to help drive sales and increase average check, manage costs, reduce theft and fraud, and so much more. We empower over 40,000 restaurant professionals with the answers they need to transform their businesses and their lives, getting them out of the back office and in the kitchen with their staff, on the floor with their guests, and home with their families.