These are the 8 most-important training tools for your restaurant staff

Staff retention. 

It’s a phrase that strikes fear into the hearts of restaurant operators we talk to around the country. With a tight labor market, tough competition, and the high costs of managing turnover, keeping great workers happy at work and, y’know, working for you instead of another restaurant is crucial. 

FACT: Replacing employees often costs more than retaining them. One study found that restaurants spend as much as $14,000 finding a suitable candidate to take the place of one who left for better pay elsewhere. 

TAKEAWAY: If it will cost less to keep a good worker than rolling the dice on a new one, it’s worth investing money in keeping your crew happy. 

How do the best restaurants retain the best employees on both sides of the house? It’s not just money (although competitive salaries certainly help.) But nearly as important as cash is opportunities for your staff to grow in their careers. And that starts with training tools and programs that actually create value for your workers. 

KEY QUOTE: “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don't want to” — Richard Branson

According to a recent survey by Toast POS, these are the most popular training tools for restaurateurs bringing on new hires: 

  1. Employee handbook

  2. Training manual

  3. Certifications

  4. Mentor programs

  5. Orientation

  6. Formal check-ins at 30/60/90

  7. Sexual harassment trainings

  8. Online trainings