Williamston, MI

Zynda’s receives valuable insights and practical next steps for a brand and marketing overhaul after change of restaurant ownership.

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Miroslava Kotsan

Back of House Consultant

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Marketing Challenges as New Owners Take Over

Zynda's connected with Miroslava from Back of House after new ownership took over this concept. The new management wanted to review everything as there were a lot of issues with how things were being handled by the previous owners. They wanted to do an overall brand refresh including reviewing the website which had broken links. The restaurant’s original social media accounts never got passed on to the new owners either.


Website Overhaul and Reclaiming Social Media Accounts

Miroslava was able to provide guidance to the owners at Zynda's on how to retrieve their old social media accounts by raising tickets with the social media companies. She also guided them on how to establish an effective social media strategy in order to engage their target audience.


Guidance to Revamp Website Pays Off

The new owners at Zynda’s followed Miroslava’s advice and revamped their website with professional food photography. Sometimes small lifts like having professional food photography can make a huge difference in communicating the value of food, and enhancing audience engagement.

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