Regional Recreation Corporation of Wood Buffalo

Regional Recreation Corporation of Wood Buffalo

Back of House helps enhance employee management and accountability by maximizing existing platform usage.

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Spencer Michiel

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Addressing Staff Accountability and Efficiency Issues

Regional Recreation Corporation of Wood Buffalo, a large catering company in Alberta, Canada, was facing a host of challenges when it came to managing their labor force. From maintaining honesty and accountability among the staff regarding work hours to figuring out how to evaluate performance accurately, the Wood Buffalo team was struggling to find an easy solution.


Solutions for Labor Force Cost Reduction

To address these challenges, the owner sought assistance from Spencer at Back of House to reduce labor costs and improve employee accountability. After auditing the existing operational guardrails, Spencer Michiel identified an opportunity to optimize the use of their existing management tool, 7Shifts, a tool for measuring employee performance and time management.


Implementing a New Tool in a Legacy Platform

By implementing a new module to 7Shifts, Regional Recreation Corporation of Wood Buffalo enhanced their ability to track employee performance and maintain accountability, leading to improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness in their catering operations.

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