Parkys Smokehouse
Parky’s Smokehouse

Lebanon, IN

Navigating labor challenges by learning about robotic solutions as well as maximizing platform usage to reduce cost and increase staff efficiency.

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Miroslava Kotsan

Back of House Consultant

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Exploring Options Amidst Labor Shortages

Parky's Smokehouse was a well-oiled machine, but knew that machines could help them become even more operationally efficient. They booked a consult with Back of House to talk about how robotics might be able to help manage labor shortages and save them money in the process.


Learning About Server Robots to Save Cost

After an initial consultation, Back of House expert Miroslava Kotsan presented the team at Parky's with a comprehensive report on server robots. The report also included information regarding how to integrate the robots into their current business model, pricing options, and the relative ROI compared to server costs. Additionally, Miro showed Parky's how they could enhance their current staff performance using a platform called Traitset.


Maximizing Savings While Gaining Insights

Thanks to Miro's thorough and thoughtful research report, the team at Parky's was able to have a clearer vision for how they could integrate robotics into their business. Although they haven't pulled the trigger on a robotics investment yet, they were able to take advantage of an exclusive vendor deal from Back of House that lowered the monthly cost for Traitset to $68, down from $98, further lowering their overall cost of labor.

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