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Back of House provides valuable insights and strategies for restaurant expansion and saves Basha’s Chicken from spending hundreds of dollars in hiring an external restaurant consultant.

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Choosing A Strategic Approach to Growth

Mohamad, the accomplished entrepreneur behind Basha’s Fish and Chicken, faced the challenge of preparing for the expansion of his thriving business. Despite having a substantial Instagram following of 12k and a successful storefront, Mohamad recognized the importance of being well-prepared before taking the leap into expansion.


A Sounding Board for Big Decisions

In anticipation of his expansion, Mohamad met with Back of House expert Ana Canenguez, who was able to provide tailored recommendations to his exact needs. Their consultation covered a range of critical areas, including POS system selection, social media management strategies, and more. By delving into these pain points and offering practical advice and solutions, Ana helped equip equipped Mohamad with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of business expansion successfully.


Growing the Business with Confidence

Through his collaboration with Back of House, Mohamad gained valuable insights and actionable strategies to support the successful expansion of Basha’s Fish and Chicken. So much so that before meeting Back of House, Mohamad was ready to spend hundreds of dollars on hiring a restaurant consultant. Being a GFS customer, he received free support from Ana that gave him valuable insights and saved him a lot of money on hiring an external consultant. Armed with a well-rounded understanding of POS systems, social media management best practices, and other essential aspects of restaurant operations, Mohamad is now well-prepared to capitalize on his business's growth potential.

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