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Back of House helped Avenue American Bistro upgrade from pen and paper to a technology platform which was essential for their expansion and growth.

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Spencer Michiel

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Time for an Upgrade From Pen and Paper

As Avenue American Bistro continued to expand to become a multi-location operation, they quickly realized that they had outgrown their analog systems. Having relied on old school methods of tracking with a combination of pen and paper and excel spreadsheets, they were starting to see inconsistencies in their reporting when it came to both food inventory management and liquor management.


Using Tech to Streamline Inventory Management

In consultation with Spencer Michiel, the team recognized that an inventory management system with a food costing tool would help them save both time and money in the long run. Spencer presented the team with a variety of options and talked through the pros and cons of each with them.


A Seamless Solution That Saves Time and Money

The Avenue American Bistro team ultimately chose Gordon Restaurant Pro (GRP) because of its seamless integration with their POS and the Gordon food ordering system. With the ability to have consistent functionality across multiple locations and decrease the amount of manual entry time for their staff, the team at Avenue American Bistro felt confident about the new and improved systems they put in place.

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