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Inventory & Menu Development, Accounting & Finance

Suite of automated financial and operational management tools make it easier for an operator to better control food costs and maximize margins.

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Restaurant 365

Key Functions

  1. Automated processes
  2. Integrated data
  3. Data-driven insights





4 Reviews

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Grant B

"Easy coding to QB online!"


xtraCHEF has allowed me to focus on other aspects of the business rather than spending time manually entering sales into my Accounting software. The coding is seamless and easy! If a new product line is added, sometimes the sync will fail as the software doesnt understand where to flow those sales into. This is expected, but I wish they notified multiple times for sync's that fail, rather than just one time.



Chad F

"All in one doc processing, budgeting, gl export"


The features at a bargain price. The time saved with their document processing is multiplied when you use all the modules in their ecosystem. The data scraped from your daily intake is immediately available for budgeting, inventory operations, price analytics, and automated accounting software import. We save countless hours, have razor sharp data, and can even manage payables with a few clicks of a mouse. They have streamlined restaurant processes without any sacrifice to data integrity or data resolution. After 2 weeks into our trial we were completely sold. Beginning with their invoice scanning: the app is free for iOS and Android. Their team was able to extract all line items from a big Corp vendor invoice down to the hand written receipts from the small guys. The invoice data gets sanitized first by their team and then we have the option to check it on an approval screen before it gets committed. The net result is pristine data that you can trust to be later picked apart and analyzed in other modules. The Quickbooks integration has been well thought out too. All invoice items are sorted in their correct groups on the GL as precise as you want. The UI/UX has been well thought out and makes “sense” when someone needs to run numbers down. Finally their development roadmap for future features is very organized and exciting. Their dev team doesn’t rush to market but releases features at light speed compared to other solutions we have looked into. We are extremely satisfied with their total offering. This is difficult to answer because of the 40 character minimum. I can wholeheartedly say that I am pleased with every facet thus far.



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