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Staffing, Human Resources

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  • Training Materials

    Training Materials


  • Wisetail’s LMS handles a restaurant’s learning and development, training, tracking and management capabilities

  • Fully configurable design lets businesses upload existing training materials and convert them into quizzes, tests, and text to increase engagement

  • “Low-bandwidth mode” lets the system work with spotty internet service

  • Designed for digital natives, with features like gamification and social employee interaction

  • Offers a host of additional features, including: tracking, reporting and data add-ons, people management integrations, set-and-forget enrollments, segmentation and permissions, and centralized communications

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How can Wisetail help your business?

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Wisetail has helped businesses train employees for over a decade, and is still evolving. Its “thoughtful onboarding,” acknowledges that many new hires, particularly Gen-Z employees,...It’s a learning engagement and management software company, providing businesses with learning management systems (LMS) and learning experience platforms (LXP) to create easy-to-understand (and execute!)... Wisetail’s customers include Nobu, Krispy Kreme and The Cheesecake Factory.





13 Reviews

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Mary Riser

I've been dreaming of this!


I had been looking for an LMS for a long time before finally stumbling upon Wisetail. This is exactly the kind of platform I had been dreaming of! I had been wondering if there was a place to not only deliver content but also test employees on their knowledge of the training and track who had completed the training and who hadn’t. I’m so glad I found this! I’m now able to create my own content, deliver it, test employees, and have a complete record of all of the training. This is truly the greatest asset I’ve acquired in my time running a restaurant. Listen and watch Wisetail’s story. It speaks volumes about their culture and how they run their business. They’re the real deal. It’s a unique system and takes a little bit of time to learn, but what doesn’t? And it’s not difficult to use, just new. Once you get it, you get it. I cannot recommend Wisetail enough to anyone looking to improve their training programs.



Robert Smith

I've saved so much with Wisetail


Wisetail has been a great tool for training our employees. We also use it as a staff intranet where we store links to all of our cloud-based documents. This by itself has saved us thousands in time, money, and headaches! It’s a great, scalable way to provide training for staff. There’s excellent customer service and once the initial set-up phase is done, it’s really easy to roll out. We’ve definitely saved thousands of dollars in staff time by using Wisetail for training and for tracking compliance.



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