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Restaurant CRM plus reservation system, table management

The basics:

Founded in 2012, Wisely is a full-service restaurant CRM offering a portfolio of features aimed at engaging customers on a person-to-person level. The platform offers reservation management, restaurant floor charts, marketing platforms like newsletter automation and customer segmenting, and customer satisfaction trend tracking. It offers a unified branding experience customizable by each restaurant, tying together all of the included measures in a way that will visually make sense to the consumer.

From the BOH TipJar:

Wisely allows the user to view feedback from multiple channels in the same place. That way, rather than clicking through Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and more to discover how customers feel, it can all be seen side-by-side. Annotation of customer reviews is offered here as well, making it easy to spot trends and figure out where solutions are needed.

In their own words:

Wisely helps restaurant groups attract the right guests and retain them for life. The platform bridges the gap between customer data & customer experience, giving brands new ways to personalize and drive profits — at scale.