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The basics:

Waitlist Me is a waitlist and reservations app that eliminates the need for methods like pen and paper and flashing restaurant buzzers. The app creates transparency around how long it will take for customers to be seated — patrons get a text notification when they are added to a waitlist, and can check in to see how many parties are ahead of them and what their estimated wait time is from their phones. The app functions on iOS, Android, and the web, so any operator can use it in tandem with preexisting programs. Waitlist Me also offers in-app stats and downloadable reports, which allows operators to analyze their operations and improve profitability and efficiency.

From the BOH TipJar:

While the basic on-label function of Waitlist Me is to wrangle restaurant waitlists, it's also used in other industries. According to the company, common clients are in the health & beauty, medical, retail, education, and automotive industries. This shows that Waitlist Me's technology is well-applied anywhere one needs to organize guests and ensure their satisfaction with wait times.

In their own words:

Time is valuable, both for businesses and their customers. Waitlist Me’s mission is to empower businesses to dramatically improve customer wait experiences with a service and apps that are simple, flexible, and incredibly cost effective.