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A complete digital platform to Recruit, Hire and OnBoard superior employees while reducing the costs of high turnover rates.

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Broadcast to thousands of Job Boards including Indeed, Jobcase, Facebook Jobs and more

Key Functions

  1. Recruiting, Applicant Tracking, and OnBoarding
  2. Behavior-based prescreen questionnaires identify superior candidates
  3. A digital communication channel to reach more applicants
  4. Manage job posts from a single dashboard

Key features

  • Exclusive behavior assessment to gauge work ethic, customer service ability, leadership skills, sales potential, and more
  • Newly hired employees can complete paper-free onboarding in under 15 minutes
  • Manages E-Verify and I-9 validation for employment eligibility
  • All forms are stored in the cloud for quick access and collaboration

Our Perspective

In partnership with Expedite

How can TraitSet help your restaurant?

TraitSet helps restaurants and hospitality businesses hire the best employees with a one-stop shop for recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and training. The Florida-based company offers an online behavior assessment it says helps to gauge work ethic, customer service ability, leadership skills, sales potential, and more. TraitSet says its assessment can reduce employee turnover by up to 50% since it highlights only the most qualified candidates for any given business. 

After candidates are hired, they can complete their paper-free onboarding in less than 15 minutes. TraitSet’s new hire forms handle E-Verify and I-9 validation; all forms are created and stored in the cloud for easy access and quick collaboration. TraitSet also offers a highly customizable learning management system that  includes testing, certification and reporting, and even Covid-19 awareness training.  

TraitSet’s customers include large national chains, mid-size private regional franchises as well as small independent hospitality businesses.

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Maribel Arias

Great asset to hiring


We’ve reduced our turnover by 40% since using Traitset. This has been such a great asset in our hiring processes. We get better candidates by using this product, which reduces any time we used to waste on less qualified applicants.



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