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POS, payment processing, merchant services for restaurants and more

GRUBBRR is the trusted brand for self-ordering technologies. We pride ourselves on introducing new products and services that address inefficiencies in the most cost-effective way in our verticals, such as restaurants, retail, amusement parks and casinos. Our products are powerful and proven, with our clients reporting a 40-50% increase in revenue. We offer a diverse ecosystem of products including self-ordering kiosks, an online ordering system, kitchen display system, order progress boards, POS systems, digital menu boards, and more. By maximizing efficiency, we help businesses immediately decrease labor costs, increase revenue and significantly improve customer experience. Our tech also allows for a contactless ordering experience, crucial during COVID-19. At GRUBBRR, we know that people buy with their eyes, which is why our intelligent and automated upsell is unparalleled in our customer-facing tech. Do you want your bottom line to grow? Choose GRUBBRR.