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Hospitality-enhancing technology for restaurants

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The basics:

Tablee's mission is to ensure great hospitality for guests by giving them easier access to service. The hardware approach is three-fold: Tablee Smartwatch, Tablee Tap, and the Tablee App. Servers wear the watch to receive notifcations whenever their service is needed. The tap sits on every table for patrons to place orders and request service. In the back room, managers oversee everything from the app. This streamlined approach makes managing tables (and customer data) easier. The service starts at $7/month per table, and according to Tablee, users enjoy $3K more revenue per table annually, on average.

From the BOH TipJar:

Tablee claims that at restaurants using the service, servers make more in tips — to the tune of $10K more per year in some cases. That's a win-win for both servers and managers. Servers are happy taking home more money, and managers are less likely to deal with staff turnover due to dissatisfaction with low pay.

In their own words:

Founded by a team of engineers passionate for continuous improvement, Tablee Company is dedicated to improving customer experience for the hospitality industry. We provide technology and services that enable more direct and efficient communications between guests and staff. Together, we serve to make service better.