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Staffing, Human Resources

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Hourly employee hiring solution built to reduce turnover

Available in: USA | CAN


Starts at $59/month per locations





Key Functions

  1. AI-supported hiring
  2. Staff retention
  3. Behavioral assessment

Key features

  • Sprockets consolidates all hiring information into a reporting dashboard. 
  • Matches applicants based on attributes of top-performing employees
  • Uses personality assessments to create behavioral profiles of candidates and tells hiring managers how to proceed
  • Posts jobs to various job-search platforms for free
  • Hiring managers can access applicant flow, employee retention, tax credits, number of bad fits and amount of money saved

Our Perspective

In partnership with Expedite

How can Sprockets help your restaurant?

Sprockets helps companies hire and retain staff. It uses artificial intelligence to match applicants to jobs based on attributes of current top-performing employees. To start, Sprockets’ personality assessment yields an in-depth behavioral profile, assigning candidates a red, yellow or green indicator to help employers determine next steps — like a traffic light, green means go. Then, Sprockets’ virtual assistant service helps by posting jobs to various job-search platforms for free, reducing response time and increasing applicant flow. 

Companies that use Sprockets’ technology say they’ve seen a 22% reduction in annual employee turnover, a 43% improvement in 90-day employee retention, 37% less time spent on hiring and $10,000 saved in 90-day operating costs. 

 Sprockets counts McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Five Guys among its current customers.





10 Reviews

Ease of Use








Administrator in Hospital & Health Care

"Good insights - quickly"


The platform was very easy to use and we were able to implement it quickly. The information that we received allowed us to screen out applicants who were less likely to show up for interviews. We were not getting the volume of applicants for our business. That did not allow for us to fully use all of the features Sprockets had to offer. This is more about the volume of applicants and much less about the platform. I had no complaints with the platform.



Nicole Zeppers

Fewer no-shows


Really easy to use and we were able to start using it right away. A lot of great information that you receive which allowed us to screen out any candidates who were less likely to show up for an interview. I wish we had gotten a larger volume of applicants so we could use all of Sprockets features. That’s not on them, though. I just want to be able to use all of the functionality of the program. Because of Sprockets, we have been having fewer no-shows for interviews, so that’s great!



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