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Scheduling platform for shift workers, teams, contractors

The basics:

ShedWool, founded in 2015 in Chicago, empowers companies of all sizes to build their schedules online. With ShedWool, managers can control labor, monitor compliance, message staffers, and review shift swaps, and more from smartphones, tablets, or computers. The platform's aim is to make all of these operations more streamlined to save operators time and money. The app also offers chat with employees and push notifications for shift change requests.

From the BOH TipJar:

The days of clunky paper scheduling are gone. ShedWool offers quick setup with a fully-customizable interface, providing a completely digital way to build schedules. Staff will quickly acclimate with the platform, and operators can easily begin to plan out the week's staffing with the easy drag & drop feature. These optimized features aim to save time and leave fewer labor costs for the operator to deal with.

In their own words:

Building your schedule doesn’t have to be time consuming or costly. ShedWool is here to help. With easy to use Drag & Drop Scheduling, you can move or copy shifts by simply dragging them directly onto your schedule. Our smart shift scheduling software takes the hassle out of workforce management and employee shift planning.