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Hourly employee hiring solution built to reduce turnover

The basics:

The base code for SENTIO was built in 2013, and the hiring tool was made available for consumers in 2018. Its goal is to help companies hire the best fit for any job and avoid position turnover. To help organizations identify top performers and build a strong team, the program screens application materials and shows hiring managers which candiates are the most promising. Managers can then communicate with applicants through the platform and keep them easily sorted into categories based on where they are in the hiring process.

From the BOH TipJar:

According to Sentio, 49% of new hourly hires leave within a year, and it costs almost $5,000 on average to replace an hourly employee. Comparatively, it costs $99 a month to use Sentio's services. When you think about it in those terms, there are a lot of savings to be had here.

In their own words:

SENTIO means to understand, realize, see. We choose the name SENTIO because understanding people, cultures, and people-business fit is what we do. Through the use of AI and psycholinguistics, we break down the human language to understand the mental makeup of a person. Then, we understand how they compare to others at a company. Then, through a Match Score, we determine if they will be a good fit.