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All-in-one reservations, website, hospitality solution for restaurants

The basics:

Founded in 2005, RezPlus is an all-in-one cloud-based solution for restaurants of any size. The platform was initially founded to help restaurants take advantage of emerging web technology. Services include online ordering, online reservations, website design and hosting, and marketing. All of these different services are offered a la carte or in bundles, ensuring any restaurant is able to use RezPlus to meet diverse service needs.

From the BOH TipJar:

RezPlus doesn't require that customers enter into annual contracts. This flexibility, paired with their flexible package options, allows for fewer worries when entering into a new service agreement and allows customers to focus more on managing their web presence with RezPlus.

In their own words:

RezPlus produces and sells software that allows restaurants to manage their complete online web presence. RezPlus empowers restaurants to reach more diners, increase revenue, delight guests, and enhance their brand with an online experience that mirrors their brick and mortar atmosphere and service. RezPlus’ relentless focus on customer satisfaction ensures the highest-level hospitality for restaurateurs and their guests.