The basics:

Originally known as Kabaq, QReal creates ultra-realistic 3D content optimized for AR. Along with sectors like fashion and automotive, the company focuses on the food space, providing life-like visualizations for restaurants like Panera Bread and Domino's. According to QReal, studies have shown that when customers view food in AR, they're more likely to order it. To best entice customers and increase clients' sales, the platform offers services like AR social media integration, QR codes leading to AR food, delivery apps, and catering menu presentations.

From the BOH TipJar:

With apps like Snapchat, every consumer has easy access to AR content. Therefore, as immersive 3D and AR technologies become more integral to the world of commerce, restaurants and retailers alike ought to entertain solutions like QReal that allow customers to preview goods before they buy them.

In their own words:

QReal lifts your brand into the real world. We want to make rad experiences. We want to expand the medium of AR. We want people to see our work. Oh, and we are really really nice and good people.