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Live chat with guests for restaurants

The basics:

Founded in 2017, Ovation is a customer experience platform for brick and mortar businesses struggling to grapple with negative reviews. The platform offers simple customer-facing tools that allow them to rate their experiences, chat live with customer support, and leave contact information for future marketing engagement. Tools within the app allow business owners to act on these reviews and offer deals to loyal customers or smooth it over with dissatisfied customers.

From the BOH TipJar:

According to Ovation's website, business that use the service enjoy 18x more customer feedback than seen in other survey platforms and a 16x better winback rate. Beginning at $99/mo, this is a good option for businesses looking to build and maintain trust with their customer bases but lacking the manpower needed to comb through reviews and surveys for valuable information.

In their own words:

CEO Zack Oates grew up in the restaurant and retail industry and was frustrated with the lack of tools to find out how customers are feeling. Online reviews are easy for the customer but tough on the businesses. Long surveys are great for the business and difficult for the customer. The world needed a better way — Ovation was created to do just that.