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Digital Table Touch

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  • Gathers and consolidates customer data 

  • Instantly engage with guests to resolve concerns

  • Machine learning algorithms utilized for intelligent insights 

  • Data-driven approach to automate follow-up questions

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Ovation offers live chat for businesses with the goal of retaining customers and winning back those that had a negative experience. Ovation counts Domino’s, Burger...





7 Reviews

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Chelsea S.

“Outstanding Platform for every small business that depends on reviews”


What's not to like? You automatically text customers, solicit reviews, and get feedback. The nicest thing about the platform is you're able to get texts from the platform on your phone, and respond in real time. Customers think you're texting them directly from a store phone number, and you can engage with live-action conversations to resolve concerns. Our business has benefited a ton from this as we've been able to resolve customer complaints and fix what we've done wrong. Honestly, nothing. It's pretty niche so doesn't solve every marketing pain point, but that can be said of most marketing solutions.



Bill C.

“Helps us get, keep & grow customers ”


We love how Ovation allows us to engage with customers while they are still in our restaurant. We have increased the number and quality of our reviews since implementing Ovation, by a lot. I believe we were around 4.5 stars and 200 reviews when we started. We are now at 4.7 stars and 500 reviews overall, and nearly 4.9 stars in the past month. The difference? We can talk to guests when things are less than perfect and make them feel better about their experience before they write a sad review. Ovation also helps us improve our guest experience by allowing guests to share feedback, which we implement real-time. Our team has a better first-focus and our operations are better because we learn each day what makes our guests happy and what we need to improve. We are in a small town with lots of summer tourists. I can't tell you how many people came in this summer and told us they found us by searching reviews. They increase our search results even though we don't do any paid internet advertising. I wish the software integrated with my loyalty program and text system. I think they are working on that and may have solved it. Let's hope so!



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