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Interactive recipe database builder for professional chefs

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The basics:

meez is a new recipe developing tools for professional chefs. Providing an interactive database for recipes, the platform aims to keep chefs organized and allow them to ideate and execute dishes flawlessly. Features include an ingredient prep yields and costs database, a training photo and video builder, automatic recipe ingredient scaling, to-do lists, and more. From the convenience side of things, the app aims to be sole place users will ever need for all recipes for life, and integrations with inventory and purchase systems are a breeze.

From the BOH TipJar:

According to the meez site, the platform's "aspiration is to ensure that when you want the scum skimmed from your stock or the sear on the meat to be deep golden brown, your team sees how and knows why." No more paper notes explaining specific procedures for intricate steps of dishes stuffed in binders in the back office. meez claims to end that sort of disorganization.

In their own words:

meez is a culinary technology company inspired by the same principles applied to great cooking — an uncompromising attention to detail and a constant drive to evolve and improve. The meez app is built for and designed by professional chefs. Transform recipe content including your videos and pictures into an interactive database and use meez to ideate, organize and search, collaborate, share, and execute your vision.