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Back-office ordering, invoicing, and optimization software

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MarginEdge is a back-end solution for bottom line impact. Starting with our invoice processing feature – you can upload unlimited invoices all different ways and we’ll code line items to your chart of accounts, relate vendor items to products, and send you price alerts if anything appears off, all within 24-48 hours. With your invoice data, we can show you everything you buy, everything you sell through a seamless integration with your POS, and everything you have on hand with our well-loved inventory feature. From there, our system is able to show you critical reports in real-time – including a daily controllable P&L, theoretical vs. actual usage report, recipe costing, menu analysis, and many more! We send everything into your accounting system - customized to however you would like it to appear - automatically. Need help along the way? Working with our 5-star support team is free and unlimited.

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“We've really been aggressively using the Theoretical vs Actual info, and we think the visibility this reporting facilitates is the main driver of 3-4% improvement in our food cost [as a % of revenue]. Really an awesome tool for us.” – Henry Borgeson, CFO, Roots Natural Kitchen

“We started with MarginEdge almost a year ago and their platform is basically steering our business at this point. Great people and a great product!” - Dan Tufts, Director of Operations, Buffalo Wing Factory

“MarginEdge allowed our team to go from being an accounting department to being more of a finance department. Now, it’s not just about inputting things after the fact; we have the time and tools to analyze.” Javier Retamar, CFO, Maple Street Biscuit Company



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