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Back-office ordering, invoicing, and optimization software

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The basics:

Founded in 2015 by restaurant owners who know the tough parts of operating food and beverage businesses, MarginEdge works to help restaurants reduce paperwork and operational issues in a streamlined way. MarginEdge’s software puts key back-office data from a restaurant together in one place so restaurant owners can better understand their margins, identify problems with their operations, and make quick moves to fix them.

From the BOH TipJar:

You can snap photos of your invoices, receipts or bills with the MarginEdge app and it will automatically capture all line item data, eliminating the need to compute and track costs by hand. That saves a ton of time (and clipboards) when it comes to keeping the back office organized.

In their own words:

Whether you’re a multi-unit operator or an independent, MarginEdge automates tedious processes, connects systems and radically streamlines key activities, like inventory, cost-tracking, ordering and recipes. Better insights, tighter control, and time saved – across all locations.