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POS & Payments, Online Ordering & Delivery

Cloud-based POS and inventory management platform. Manage sales, inventory, employees from your smartphone or tablet with integration options.

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Key Functions

  1. Transform smartphone or tablet into fully functional POS
  2. Track inventory
  3. Place orders and receive alerts
  4. Analyze sales data and employee performance
  5. Run loyalty program and track customer preferences
  6. Compare data across multiple locations

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14 Reviews

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Gregory G.

“Loyverse- the Winner against ALL competitors I evaluated”


At A1 Analytics, we created a matrix with about 100 factors, and 17 essential factors for MiG, ePOSnow, TouchBistro, Toast POS, Opensource POS, ComCash POS, Floreant POS, Unicenta, Lavu, Revel System, Squre, and AccuPOS and Loyverse. Loyverse was the best in our view based on price, features, support, customer reviews, simplicity, flexibility, and data import/export.It does not require special equipment and can be deployed on tablets and smartphones. It's well-suited to businesses with one or more stores or restaurants. It works beautifully and if you upload photos to the menus, it's very professional looking and attractive. I can set up taxes, discounts, refunds, tables, employees, user rights, marketing lists, sizes, colors, or food variations. The system comes with a variety of useful built-in reports and you can export all the transactions for advanced data mining. The pricing is FANTASTIC. The live customer support is even BETTER! One client is in Colombia in South America. Some of the special characters in the Spanish language do not display properly. We're seeing if this is a browser font issue or a system issue we can resolve.



Murtaza M.

“Loyverse POS”


As a POS Specialist, I find Loyverse very basic, simple, and easy to use Point of Sale. This is free POS works well on Android devices and as well as on iPad. You can add any generic brand printer although it has the support for Epson and Star printers I was able to add Chinese-made generic printers the Bluetooth printers also worked well best recommended to use any Ethernet printer. As for the POS, it is very simple and best suitable for the truck/carts or takeaways. It has everything that most paid POS offers, it has sales reporting through the cloud and as well on the Tablet/iPad. The sales are available category-wise, item-wise, order-wise, or payment method-wise, end of the day. The addition of items to the menu is very easy, items can have customized photos or coloring as per your choice. Item voids, order voids options are also available. The free version comes with only one user for an additional user passcode you need to pay for it. Few options from sales are missing like Revenue center option where you can view takeaways and dine-in sales.



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