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Mobile staffing, purpose-built for filling hourly roles

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The Basics

Landed provides the first mobile app connecting hourly food and retail workers with local employers, to help them find and hire better quality candidates, faster. Guided by the app, candidates create video profiles, and are then matched with employers instantly using proprietary AI-based technology.

How does it work?

Landed has one app for candidates where they create a profile and then match with employers. Landed also has an employer app, and we match candidates to employers using AI-based technology. Landed evaluates candidates on 50+ data points, such as communication skills, body language, work longevity, etc. to determine fit for specific jobs. Landed can then prioritize different attributes in candidates depending on each employer’s focus. Right now, we focus on restaurants and retail, and work with customers like Chick-fil-A, Wendy’s, Applebee's, Flame Broiler, and Grocery Outlet.

Landed's Top 3 Features

  1. Fill open roles with "A players" in a fraction of the time. Source, vet, engage, interview, hire. Market-leading automation tools with 2-way text messaging.
  2. We cut out manual processes: We automatically engage candidates the second they respond. We pre-vet candidates on 50+ data points. Only qualified candidates move forward to interview.
  3. We reduce ghosting: We send automated text reminders before interviews. If schedules change, there’s 2-way texting to reschedule.


"I'm able to easily engage with and support potential candidates prior to an interview, allowing me to have a good idea about each person's interview prior to meeting. Big time saver! With Landed, I'm at 1 hire for every 3 interviews vs. 1 hire for every 10 interviews before."

"My time scheduling and performing interviews has been cut in half by utilizing the Landed app for most of my communications, compared to using Indeed."

"I can stay up to date with new candidates on my phone with notifications in the app, which seamlessly integrates with how I'm using my phone with emails, text, and social media."

"I receive a continual flow of new potential candidates without having to close and then open a new job posting, saving me time, as well as not having to re-sort my candidates in the new posting."