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Find Commercial Kitchens with Flexible Terms

The basics:

With the entire food and beverage industry turned on its head, kitchen owners and food operators are reimagining their businesses. Kitch connects established brands and emerging concepts with flexible kitchens to set you up best for success. Kitch removes many of the barriers to entry for food businesses allowing them to meet operational requirements that align with their financial models. No long term commitment is required. From the caterer seeking a kitchen for 3 days to the franchisee looking to sign an 18-month agreement to test a new market. Kitchen listings include value-added services and technologies offered to support your operations. The kitchen profile enables you to best assess if it will meet your needs. e.g. The food delivery business views a description ensuring easy access to the kitchen for couriers.

From the BOH TipJar:

For many restaurants, COVID-19 has led to excess unused capacity. Kitch offers an economical way to monetize this space for boosting revenue and profitability while enabling food entrepreneurs to grow their current businesses or bring new concepts to market.

In their own words:

Kitch is the world’s first true marketplace for commercial kitchens - Providing delivery concepts, caterers, food manufacturers, bakers, mobile food vendors and other businesses with access to under-utilized kitchens sourced from hotels, restaurants, clubs, commissaries and ghost kitchen facilities. Find out more about kitch here: