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Instant tips to your waitstaff's wallets

Available in: USA


Varies based on restaurant type and locations


Open API allows integration for most software

Key Functions

1. Real-time, accurate management of cash balances for tips 2. Digital ledger auto-populates to reduce loss and streamline bank reconciliation 3. Round-the clock connection to all banks for deposits

Key features

  • PCI compliant for secure transactions
  • Instant payment
  • No setup fees
  • See real-time status of every payment 
  • Full visibility into payment history for every employee
  • Export payment data for reporting

Our Perspective

In partnership with Expedite

How can Kickfin help your restaurant?

Kickfin is a platform that allows restaurants to send tip payments instantly to employees’ bank accounts 24/7/365 using their debit card information. Doing so can protect against theft, skimming, reporting issues and tip disputes — plus employees can get their tips, fast. 

Customers include Marco’s Pizza, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit and Lulu’s





7 Reviews

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Kristian T.

“High Volume Restaurant Review”


This keeps our cashing out process smooth and consistent. Very user friendly! Very clean and organized site. We have had very minimal hiccups with this software. Any troubleshooting that has been needed was easily resolved, as the team is very prompt to assist. Some of the employees had mixed feedback about the .75 deduction per transaction.



Douglas B.

“Great Company and Great Concet”


As the future is obvious to most of us in the restaurant industry, cash is almost a thing of the past. Kickfin eliminates the tough conversations with your employees and allows us as restaurant managers and owners to continue to provide our teams with the daily tip out they earn. One of my biggest concerns going into this was the worry that my team members would be put off by the $1 fee but to the contrary they were excited about not having to leave with a pocket full of cash and even happier not to blow all their earnings across the street after a hard day. I don't really find many cons with the system. Having the employee names being in alphabetical order would be much easier when doing the tip out at night but other than that its a great system and concept.



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