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Instant tips to your waitstaff's wallets

The Basics

Restaurants and bars across the country have cut costs and reduced employee turnover with Kickfin's digital tip payment platform. Kickfin gives you the power to send instant tip payments to your employees' bank accounts, the second their shift ends. Reduce labor costs by eliminating tedious cash tip distributions and time-consuming bank runs, and attract top talent by giving employees instant access to their earnings. Implementation is fast and painless: restaurants can get Kickfin up and running overnight, and they see ROI right away.


“Kickfin offers an advantage over other employers in a tough hiring market. Employees are in this business to make cash that day. None of them are in the business to get money on payroll every two weeks. Kickfin is the only instant payment alternative. I've already recommended it to other industry contacts." - Stephen DeSousa, CEO, Broadway Hospitality Group

“Our managers used to spend 15–30 minutes per shift counting out drawers and paying out tips. Kickfin has worked perfectly. Our employees get a notification that they’ve been paid before they even leave the restaurant, whether it’s 10 at night or Labor Day. “ - Gerald Tipton, President and Partner, LuLu's

"With contactless delivery and curbside pick-up, we're running 95% of our transactions on credit cards. Kickfin allows us to tip out in real time, without the cash. It's simple and fool proof." - Reed Daniels, CEO, Red's Savoy Pizza