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Human Resources, Food Safety

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Jolt creates digital operations management solutions to help restaurants, hotels, & retail outlets build accountability, enhance food safety, & boost employee performance.

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  • PAR Brink

Key Functions

  1. Digital Task Management & Workflows
  2. Digital Food Safety (Labeling, Remote Temp Sensors, & Food Probes)
  3. Labor & Communication Manager

Key features

  • Employee performance: View labor reports and forecast costs, incorporate training materials in-app, customizable training checklists, and more.
  • Digital food safety: Real-time reports and notifications, customizable inspection forms, time-based temperature logs, remote temperature monitoring, and more.
  • Team accountability: Real-time reports and notifications, customizable checklists, time-based checklists, photo proof of work completed, and more.

Our Perspective

In partnership with Expedite

How can Jolt help your restaurant?

Jolt is a cost-effective digital assistant manager.

With Jolt, you can help your restaurant achieve the 7 pillars of Restaurant Success—Team Accountability (Clean stores, Consistent processes, Fast service), Digital Food Safety Compliance (Hot, Deliver fresh food), and Employee Performance (Improve order accuracy, Increase staff friendliness).

Trusted by Culvers, Smoothie King, Chick-fil-A, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Dairy Queen, Jersey Mikes, Buffalo Wild Wings, and more.





6 Reviews

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Paul Mank

Great consistency within our team


It’s always difficult to get used to something new, but we are glad we adopted this tech! Our team is now on a more consistent schedule thanks to Jolt. We are able to hold people accountable if something isn’t done correctly by seeing who completed a list item. It’s really important to us to be able to pass all health inspections with flying colors and I really feel like this accountability will help us do just that.



Sophie Rjiko

Way better than our old system


There’s so much that goes into running a restaurant. I love that there are reminders in Jolt to complete lists, to get notified when a task is completed or if there are incomplete lists. We can create as many lists as we need, take photos, videos and make notes which are all hosted on Jolt servers that we always have access to. We mainly use Jolt to make digital copies of lists that we can reference at any time. We used to use paper lists and then scan them into our system but this saves us way more time.



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