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Food and drink ordering app focused on college students

The basics:

Hooked is a mobile food and drink ordering app connecting college students and nearby restaurants. The app partners with top restaurants, both local spots and national chains, around college campuses with the aim of driving business during targeted times of the day. Used by hundreds of thousands of college students and local residents, Hooked is present in 35 of the top American college markets. The app offers restaurants customer service support and business insights to help them understand their customer profile better, and offers consumers exclusive deals on food.

From the BOH TipJar:

According to Hooked, they've converted 25% - 50%+ of the student body population into active users in each active campus area. That's a lot of extra business for restaurants competing to get student attention in a saturated market.

In their own words:

We work with 30-50 of the top restaurants around campus to provide you with exclusive deals every hour of every day. On the flip side, we connect restaurants with the local community to increase brand awareness and traffic during targeted hours.