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All-in-one contactless menu ordering, bill splitting, mobile payment for restaurants

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goDutch's foundation was inspired by inconsistencies in service quality, restaurant sanitation, and operational efficiency. For years, the restaurant industry has seen minimal innovation, missing out on opportunities to better cater to customer preferences and needs. goDutch is the first cloud-based point-of-sale platform that puts the customer in control from the time customers check in at the hostess stand, to the time they leave goDutch is packed with innovative features such as: digitized ordering and flexible mobile payment options, order turnaround/table turnover optimization, and real time data and analytics for restaurants. Our mission is to provide a unified platform that enables efficiency and comfort for the customer, while increasing cost savings and profitability at restaurants during times of uncertainty and beyond. The app has been designed to fill gaps in the dining experience and is extremely relevant, given new industry guidelines and the digital transformation that we see happening in front of our eyes.