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All-in-one contactless menu ordering, bill splitting, mobile payment for restaurants

The basics:

goDutch is a newly-developed iOS/Android application that provides restaurants and patrons a contactless menu ordering system and mobile payment options including bill splitting or itemizing. The app has been designed to fill gaps in service quality and sanitation, allowing servers to meet customers' needs more quickly and turn tables more frequently. Based in Chicago, the platform aims to make the restaurant experience more smooth, simple, and sanitary (especially during the COVID-19 pandemic).

From the BOH TipJar:

With goDutch, patrons are in the driver's seat of their restaurant experience. For guests, this means they can order whatever they want at any time and pay whenever they want. For restaurants, this means they always know what customers need and can turn tables instantly. That's a win-win situation from a convenience standpoint.

In their own words:

goDutch was inspired by Chicago friends getting together for brunch and nights out and frequently noticing inconsistencies in restaurant service and payment options. Our mission is to provide a unique platform that enables efficiency and comfort for the user, in addition to increased cost savings and profitability at restaurants.