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Galley Solutions

Data-driven pricing and inventory platform for restaurants

The basics:

Galley Solutions, founded in 2017, works to use data to solve common restaurant operation problems and help restaurants make more profitable decisions. The platform analyzes inventory to give real-time food costs and recipe margins, tracks food usage and sales to assist with ordering, and collects information to avoid food waste and unnecessary labor costs. Galley also offers a cloud-based platform, which allows operators of multiple locations to control all the details from one central place. The platform's core aims are increasing restaurant productivity and cutting overhead costs.

From the BOH TipJar:

According to a Galley blog post, "Currently, about 40% of food goes to landfills in the US... The food industry is in desperate need of a tech revolution, and that’s why we built Galley." Galley's commitment to building a more green food ecosystem represents a commitment to the sustained future of the industry and to the continued success of restaurants that exist now in a time of environmental change. Restaurant operators in search of a new, less wasteful solution ought to pay attention.

In their own words:

Food businesses struggle to cost food accurately, know precise margins, and make data-driven decisions. The result? Too much reliance on intuition and approximations — and profit margins suffer. Galley helps restaurants, caterers, and other types of food businesses collect and understand the food data behind their operations to empower them to make more profitable decisions.