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Ecommerce marketing platform for independent businesses

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The basics:

Drip is an ecommerce customer relationship management (ECRM) platform founded in 2013. The platform's focus is on increasing companies' sales by connecting order management systems with marketing systems at the customer level. Drip focuses specifically on independent retailers in hopes of giving them a leg up against massive ecommerce marketplaces, and organizes complex data inputs to make automating customer connections easier and more personal.

From the BOH TipJar:

Drip's platform offers a visual email builder, making email engagement with customers simpler for companies that don't want to take the time for coding and development. Drip also integrates with preexisting sales channels, making it easier to monitor customer activity from start to finish.

In their own words:

At Drip, we believe any ecommerce brand should have the tools to connect with their customers and compete online. Niche brands finally have a chance to build genuine, meaningful relationships with their customers in order to build long-lasting bonds.