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Online Ordering & Delivery, POS & Payments

Available in: USA | CAN


  • POS system analytics

  • POS integration

  • Loyalty programs

  • Menu customization


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8 Reviews

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Jack P.

“Game Changer”


Cuboh changed our takeout game completely and for the better of course! We were able to massively streamline operations and take out the hassle factor of take-out. One central tablet and software controls all delivery apps and frees up staff to be more efficient. Cuboh is our best investment in 2020! Nothing is ever perfect, and in streamlining some functionality is lost. But frankly it may be for the better as we focus on the most important issues and are less distracted with marginal functionality.



Ziyad H.

“Best 3rd party (online order) integration for restaurant POS!! BY FAR”


1) Online Dashboard!!! 2) Tablet 3) Customer Service Lets start with the dashboard. This thing alone puts them WAY ahead of their competition. The first time I logged into it, I was taken aback at how much more advanced they are technologically than any of the others I've used, and since then they have made updates that made it even better! I'm not sure if it was due to the feedback I gave them, because they were so quick to implement them, but any concerns I had were remedied within a couple of weeks and I've only been with them for a month or so. They have an amazing reporting and interactive analytics, but most importantly, the thing that WOW'd me was the mapping feature. As with all other services I used, there were always mapping issues after on-boarding, especially since my menu is a foreign one, and the mapping feature just makes it so easy for you to fix those issues yourself. Onto the tablet. This is the first time I was truly able to get rid of all my 3rd party tablets! They provide features that even make it possible for you to never need to log back into the 3rd party online dashboards! Finally, I put customer service last, but it is probably even better than the dashboard! I can't believe how responsive they have been, their live chat feature on the dashboard is great, they respond to emails, and I can't even remember if they gave us a phone number or not because they just resolve everything so quick by chat. I can't be happier with their service! I'd say they have fewer integrations right now than the other platforms we've used, but I'm sure they will catch up quickly! I always like for things to be cheaper but this might be one of the first times I feel I'm getting full value for my money. They are priced in between Chowly (most expensive) and Itsacheckmate (cheapest).



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