Voice Bot Technology

Voice Bot Technology

What is voice bot technology for restaurants?

Whether it’s the well-known Alexa or Siri, or the automated prompts on a phone, voice bot technology is a robot that speaks directly with a consumer. A relatively old technology, voice bots have improved rapidly, to the point that restaurants can use them to streamline customer service or even integrate them into commerce and ordering. Voice bots plug into phone systems, computers, websites, mobile apps — essentially any platform a restaurant already uses. Not only can voice bots understand and “speak” with the customer, they can also analyze customer requests and study their behavior. That helps restaurants gain useful information and perhaps expand their customer service for low cost.

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Top Voice Bot Technology Solutions

4 solutions

RingCentral Solution Logo


Cloud-based communications solutions for business including message, video, phone, and contact center management.


(8 Reviews)

Otter.ai Solution Logo


Voice recording transcriber powered by AI


(7 Reviews)

Numa Solution Logo


AI-powered phone system that answers your phones, fields basic questions and transfers to proper employees.


(0 Reviews)

BensenAI Solution Logo


Bensen’s AI phone software can help your customers place orders, make reservations, schedule visits, and more, letting you and your staff focus on the most important tasks.


(0 Reviews)

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