Search and Discovery

Search and Discovery

What are restaurant solutions for search and discovery?

Search and discovery solutions are where word-of-mouth and big tech algorithms intersect to put your restaurant’s logo, menu, reviews, photos, and location in front of people who are looking for a bite to eat. The biggest social media platforms in the world are gigantic players in this space, giving you the reach and the tools to connect with new customers and deepen your relationships with existing customers. Niche platforms for dining, travel, and events also converge here, letting you target people when they’re at a point of turning a hunch or an itch into a plan of action. And location-specific solutions can help you track your customers’ habits in your physical space: when they come, how often, and what they do once they get there. Taken as a whole, the search and discovery solutions fall somewhere in your marketing department, as vital as signage, elemental to your business. But they’re also an avenue for play, friendships, and building a public identity. Consider them part toolbox, part toy box.

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