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Blanket Solution Logo

Work management platform for the multi-unit restaurant operator

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Leading developer of plug-and-play kitchen solutions to automate bowl-based meals such as salads and poke bowls using cutting edge AI-enabled robotics. Solution Logo

An AI-powered phone concierge that works 24/7. provides auto-text responses, customization across voices, greeting messages, and topics, and a powerful analytics dashboard to help growth-minded and tech savvy operators scale their businesses.

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BrewLogix is a tech solution influencing the future of growth in the beverage and craft brew industry. The Performance Platform converges product knowledge with “ounce-by-ounce” customer data to optimize the performance of draft beverage programs.

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Backbar is the first, commercial-grade automatic craft cocktail dispenser for all venue types. With Backbar, venues can automatically and precisely make multiple craft beverages at a time so staff can focus on the guest experience.

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A robotics and artificial intelligence company with robots designed to work alongside humans to address the challenges surrounding wages, labor supply, & cost efficiencies, all while elevating the customer experience.

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