Top Services

Tacit Solution Logo

Multi-channel digital ordering platform and payment solution for the hospitality industry.

Synergy Suite Solution Logo

Cloud-based restaurant management software designed to offer management services for global chains.

Notch Solution Logo

Startup that leverages tech to better connect restaurants with their vendors and streamlines ordering, payments, and invoicing.

meez Solution Logo

Interactive recipe database builder for professional chefs

MarginEdge Solution Logo

Back-office ordering, invoicing, and optimization software

KitchenCut Solution Logo

A centralized platform to manage back of house operations from purchasing and payments, to inventory and menu engineering, as well as offering ordering and delivery to diners.

Galley Solution Logo

Data-driven purchasing and inventory platform for restaurants

Fytics Solution Logo

Perpetual inventory, automated reordering, and employee performance monitoring -- all powered by machine learning.

Crunchtime Solution Logo

All-in-one restaurant management software that uses real-time analytics to provide users with exacting control over inventory and supply chain operations, labor management, and task monitoring.

Choco Solution Logo

All-in-one supply ordering app synthesizes and simplifies all restaurant purchasing for free

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