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Heartland Restaurant Solution Logo

Known for its powerful POS, payroll, and payment processing solutions, Heartland Restaurant also offers customer engagement and delivery management tools.

TapMango Solution Logo

Comprehensive customer loyalty program and online ordering platform for businesses of all sizes

Truffle Solution Logo

Truffle is an all-in-one restaurant management system with built in POS, online ordering and cloud kitchen features.

Orderly Solution Logo

Orderly is a food cost management tool that attempts to remove manual entry aspects of inventory.

UEAT Solution Logo

An online platform for restaurateurs of any size, UEat offers online ordering, self-serve ordering kiosks, as well as table ordering and hotel room orders.

Craver Solution Logo

Easy-to-use and flexible platform to help design, customize and launch an app for your restaurant.

Sociavore Solution Logo

Restaurant website builder with contactless ordering, ecommerce & more

Lightspeed Solution Logo

Restaurant POS software and omnichannel retail solution

BentoBox Solution Logo

The BentoBox Marketing and Commerce Platform delivers a seamless guest experience dedicated to accelerating growth and helping restaurants thrive through websites, online ordering, gift cards, and more.

Loyverse Solution Logo

Cloud-based POS and inventory management platform. Manage sales, inventory, employees from your smartphone or tablet with integration options.

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