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86 Repairs Solution Logo

End-to-end equipment repair and maintenance process management

Solink Solution Logo

Developer of a data-driven security platform intended to capture and audit video and transnational data to proactively reduce fraud.

Avero Solution Logo

Business intelligence and analytics for restaurant operators, empowering them with the answers they need to transform their businesses and their lives.

Ingest AI Solution Logo

AI-powered software that collects and analyzes information from multiple data sources, enabling restaurateurs to make smarter decisions.

backbar Solution Logo

Backbar is the first, commercial-grade automatic craft cocktail dispenser for all venue types. With Backbar, venues can automatically and precisely make multiple craft beverages at a time so staff can focus on the guest experience.

The Fifteen Group Solution Logo

Hospitality consulting service that helps new restaurants launch successfully and existing restaurants to be more profitable.

BYOD Solution Logo

Bring Your Own Data for virtual restaurant management

Wyze Solution Logo

Affordable wireless camera, smart home product manufacturer

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