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meez Solution Logo

Interactive recipe database builder for professional chefs

Opsi Solution Logo

A mobile app to streamline daily workflows for chefs

Reach Solution Logo

Cloud-based digital signage software to create content-rich messaging using a full suite of dynamic design tools

Synergy Suite Solution Logo

Cloud-based restaurant management software designed to offer management services for global chains.

Orderly Solution Logo

Orderly is a food cost management tool that attempts to remove manual entry aspects of inventory.

Orca Solution Logo

Orca Inventory is a web-based inventory management software with robust POS integration capabilities.

UEAT Solution Logo

An online platform for restaurateurs of any size, UEat offers online ordering, self-serve ordering kiosks, as well as table ordering and hotel room orders.

MarginEdge Solution Logo

Back-office ordering, invoicing, and optimization software

Galley Solution Logo

Data-driven purchasing and inventory platform for restaurants

xtraCHEF by Toast Solution Logo

Suite of automated financial and operational management tools make it easier for an operator to better control food costs and maximize margins.

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