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Blanket Solution Logo

Work management platform for the multi-unit restaurant operator

Spotify Solution Logo

One of the world's largest audio and media streaming services.

Galley Solution Logo

Data-driven purchasing and inventory platform for restaurants

86 Repairs Solution Logo

End-to-end equipment repair and maintenance process management

Provi Solution Logo

Ordering platform for bars and alcohol retailers

Nextbite Solution Logo

Provides restaurant owners with fully concepted virtual brands to supplement revenue.

REEF Technology Solution Logo

REEF Technology is an online platform intended to help business scale via remote infrastructure like cloud kitchens.

Ordermark Solution Logo

Ordermark is a ghost-kitchen enablement tool that works inside existing kitchens.

Virturant Solution Logo

Virtual delivery-only brands that can be run out of restaurants' existing kitchens.

Bear Robotics Solution Logo

A robotics and artificial intelligence company with robots designed to work alongside humans to address the challenges surrounding wages, labor supply, & cost efficiencies, all while elevating the customer experience.

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