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Workstream Solution Logo

An end-to-end hiring platform that helps you recruit faster and onboard smarter. With Workstream’s automation technologies and two-way texting capabilities, you’ll turn applicants into employees right from your phone and reduce your hiring time by 70%.

Synergy Suite Solution Logo

Cloud-based restaurant management software designed to offer management services for global chains.

HourWork Solution Logo

HR and staffing tool for recruiting and retaining hourly workers

TrustPlace Solution Logo

Digital platform that automates daily operations and streamlines food safety processes

TraitSet Solution Logo

A complete digital platform to Recruit, Hire and OnBoard superior employees while reducing the costs of high turnover rates.

Schedule 101 Solution Logo

Schedule101 is a user-friendly, Restaurant Workforce Management System featuring powerful online scheduling.

Wisetail Solution Logo

Configurable training system that helps restaurants engage employees

Sprockets Solution Logo

Hourly employee hiring solution built to reduce turnover

Kickfin Solution Logo

Instant tips to your waitstaff's wallets

7shifts Solution Logo

7shifts is designed specifically for restaurants. With easy-to-use, customizable, and data-driven insights you can optimize your schedules and streamline communication to increase profits.

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