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A mobile procurement & fulfillment platform

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The basics:

Founded in 2014, BlueCart aims to connect wholesale suppliers and buyers in the hospitality industry in a streamlined way. The platform consolidates all available vendors into one ecommerce platform, enabling operators to compare prices and find additional suppliers. With a mobile app, BlueCart allows users to order directly from their handheld devices, reducing friction and communication around order placement and fulfillment. The app also features simple shelf-to-sheet ordering and inventory management.

From the BOH TipJar:

According to the BlueCart website, "over 82,000 buyers have spent more than $648 million purchasing goods" on the platform. That's a pretty big pool of potential profits. Add that to the comprehensive list of feautes, and this all-in-one platform may be a boon to the purveyor struggling to find new audiences or to keep inventory and ordering straight.

In their own words:

We love restaurants, their suppliers, and the food they provide. We believe that everyone in this industry — regardless of the size of their farm, warehouse, dining room, or bank account — should have access to the latest tools and technology.